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XIX Annual RRCC Memorial Charity Fun Fly

🛩️ Dear friends, join us for another great memorial fun fly event! 🛩️

In loving memory of those who have touched our hearts and taken flight to the skies above, we invite you to the XIX Annual Richardson Radio Control Club Memorial Charity Fun Fly Event. Let's come together to celebrate their lives and passion for model aviation on this meaningful day.
Bring your own RC model or simply enjoy watching these marvels of engineering take to the skies

🍔 We will have delicious food and beverages available at our event.

We encourage everyone to bring their friends and family for a day filled with camaraderie and the joy of flight. The event is free and open to the public.

All event proceedings will go to the following beneficiaries:
🤝 Allen Community Outreach
🤝 Veterans Center of North Texas
🤝 Minnie's Food Pantry

We hope to see you on November 11, 2023!

Memorial Fun Fly 2023 Flier V2.jpg
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