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2022 RRCC Leadership Group


Curtis Simmons

Bio: Born in Missouri, lived in Texas for over 35 years. Family man with six children and a growing number of grandkids. Worked as a machinist for the past 25 plus years. I use to fly full scale aircraft a long time ago which led me to getting into RC airplanes 7 years ago.
I was looking for a hobby found RRCC. Was met with a great group of guys and found a home here. I really enjoy having guests show up at the field and getting a young person up and flying right there. The smiles on the faces are the reward.



Kyle Heckrodt

Bio: As a third-generation pilot, Kyle has loved aviation his entire life. Kyle‘s passion led him to Richardson RC club in 2015, where he picked up learning RC helicopters and RC airplanes. Kyle has been an active member of the Richardson RC club ever since. When Kyle isn’t flying or traveling he can be found chasing his wife and two-year-old daughter around Target.



Artist German

Bio: I am a Native Texan that has been interested in radio-controlled cars and airplanes since 1997. I had a
long period of not being around the hobby and I am now trying to learn as much as I can from the
members here at RRCC. I have a lot of free time now and I want to spend much of it enjoying this hobby.

Artist German.jpg


Garry Lundberg

Bio: Been in Texas for almost 40 years and I am retired...had my own business prior to retirement.  Have been an RRCC member for 5 years after moving to Dallas. Enjoy everything aviation-related and have over 1,100 hrs in full-scale GA aircraft.


Field Maintenance

Steve Davidson

Bio: Steve, a Texan his entire life, has been an RC airplane and helicopter enthusiast for 30 years, since college, and is an RRCC member for over 10 years.  As a member of the RRCC, he not only benefits from the enjoyment and stress relief from flying model aircraft but also from the friendships created over the years, helping his community (both financially and by supporting youth wanting to enter the hobby) and helping the club maintain its premier AMA sanctioned Gold Leader Club status.



Stacey Wyrick

Bio: I have been flying radio control aircraft since I was a teenager.  I grew up flying off of the local airport runway (back when one could do things like that) in Athens, Texas.  I did not fly for about 12 years because of college, medical school and residency.  Since then, I have been flying pretty consistently for about 25 years.  I fly all manner of aircraft.  I took over as the Training Coordinator in 2021.


Safety Officer 

Bill Van Deveer



Media Manager

Rimenez Souza

Bio: Rimenez was born in south Brazil and came to Dallas in 2016. He is a neuroscientist and researcher at UT Dallas. He joined the RRCC in 2019, and has been responsible for the RRCC facebook page and the website since 2020. He also takes pictures at the club when he does not forget the camera. He likes all types of model airplanes and other things he believes he can fly. He is a Cowboys fan and he tells his wife and kids he is better than the agent MacGyver.

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