So you want to fly Radio Control?

... Now what?

You want to fly Radio Control, but do not know where to start..

Here is how you can join the Richardson Radio Control Club and learn to fly. There are just few simple steps needed to get you into the “pilot’s seat.”

First, go to  This is the RRCC parent organization, the Academy of Model Aeronautics.  Click on Join/Renew and follow the instructions.  The annual cost is just $75.00 or $65.00 for seniors and is free for those under 19.  AMA membership is a prerequisite for membership in RRCC.  AMA provides many benefits including a $2,500,000 liability insurance policy. If you join online, you can print off a temporary membership card which allows you to start flying now! 

A few short weeks after mailing your application, you will receive a membership card from the AMA.  Your AMA card will have your AMA number, which you will need for the RRCC application.   Next, go to  Click on Join RRCC and follow the directions.  Cost is $100 for initiation and annual dues of $75 with seniors paying $50.  Mail your completed application along with your check to the address shown.   

To visit our flying field, see the map at our web site.  Our address is 6540 FM 546, Princeton, TX, 75407.  This is on the East side of Lake Lavon.  Come out any day that the wind is less than 10 to 15 mph to visit and talk with some of the members.  Our facility is a showplace for model airplane flying and home to a friendly group of avid flyers of all ages.  

Come to one of our meetings.  Directions are on our website.  With your membership application completed, we will talk with you about your need for instruction.  An instructor will be assigned to you to teach you how to fly.  This person will help you pick out a trainer plane.  Do not go out by yourself and purchase a plane.  This is a very important decision.  There is no charge for you to learn to fly.  Your instructor will help you estimate the cost of getting started including plane, batteries, fuel and all needed accessories.  

Finally, our club views safety as our number one goal.  Your instructor will direct you in this area.  We have a safety director that oversees our flying and every member accepts the responsibility of helping others to have a safe day flying.  Our number two goal is to have fun flying.


Attention New Pilots!


If you do not have a plane or equipment, do not buy anything until you are assigned an instructor.


Your instructor will help you make the best choice for a trainer plane.


Choosing the wrong first plane will slow your training and make learning to fly less fun.


An instructor will be assigned to you at no cost.