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Training Program

Following health protection guidelines, RRCC is performing individual training of Students by individual Instructors using the following protocol:


In an outdoor setting, masks may be used at the discretion of each individual Student/Instructor Team. Hand sanitizer can be provided.


Ground School: Students and Instructors stay on opposite sides of a picnic table.


Flight Line by the runway: using a wireless buddy box, the Student and Instructor will stay side-by-side during flights.

Upcoming Speakers at the Club Meetings

Col. Richard Graham (USAF) (April 13th]

"In the lists of exceptional people in history, only 12 men have walked on the moon. There have only been 43 men who have become the President of the United States. In aviation history, there have only been 39 pilots who were picked to fly the SR-71 Blackbird. Fewer still became the squadron leader of the Blackbird wing. Richard Graham is one of them. Come to the April meeting to hear him speak about his legacy. He will have his books there for purchase and will autograph them for you. Here  is Colonel Graham's Bio"

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News and Media

JULY 2022: The RRCC was featured in the In & Around Magazine. Click here to access the article.

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RRCC promotes Family FUN!  If you are a seasoned flyer or someone new looking to get into Radio Control Airplanes or Helicopters.  RRCC is for you!


With annual events at RRCC there are many ways to get involved.  Click "The link below for the for videos and slide shows.


With beginner programs and advanced programs RRCC can help you become a better pilot.  Plus we are always looking for instructors.

RRCC - Richardson Radio Control Club
RRCC - Richardson Radio Control Club

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