Up for sale is my (almost) new QQ Extra 300G2 Night Flyer. The new G2 version has upgraded motor, ESC and servos. Also has the lights on a switch now so you can turn them on/off from your TX. Only a handful of flights on it - still in perfect condition. Not a scratch, no hard landings, still as good as it came out of the box. It flies awesome - wish my old thumbs were as capable as it is. 


This was $305 to my door earlier this year and that is still your price from Flex delivered to TX. I’m asking $240 for it, as it came in the box. Can include a new 3S2200 battery and DSMX Satellite Rx for another $35, which makes it a BNF to Spektrum. I have the manual and can provide TX and Aura8 setup files if desired. If you are new to Aura8 I can walk you through the setup and tuning as I have had several of these now.


Contact: Phil Voigt




QQ Extra 300G2 Night Flyer