Up for sale is my Dynam C-188 AgWagon. 59” wingspan foamy with operating flaps. I really like this plane and thought I’d never sell it but I just don’t fly it anymore and thought someone might like it and put it to good use. I put a lot into it including a new paint job and many other improvements (too much to list). Probably has 30-40 flights on it. Its still a beauty with no crashes or hard landings or hangar rash. It flies great with a wide flight envelope. Would love to see it stay in the club so I can see it at the field once in awhile. Sized for 4S2200 batteries but I run 4S2800s in it which is about as big as you can go without cutting foam.


Price is $125 RxR with your battery and Rx. I can throw in a 4S2200 and DSMX receiver for another $50 which would make it BNF on Spektrum. I can also provide the .spm file and help you set it up or even buddy box with you to get you started if desired. 



Phil Voigt



Dynam C-188 AgWagon